2019 Summer Workshops:
Beyond Natural Breathing

Breathing is important. This much is obvious. But not just in maintaining your life. It is a part of who you are. Your breathing differs when you are happy and when you are sad. You breathe differently when you are relaxed and when you are anxious.

But breathing is not just only a passive expression of you, it is also an active tool. This is particularly recognized by sportsmen and performers. Singers, archers, runners and divers all talk about their ‘air’ as they perform their respective arts. In China, even calligraphy requires good breathing techniques. It is a factor, important not only to the healee – but also to the healer!

In Zhan Zhuang, we tend to promote natural breathing, especially to beginners. There is a deep philosophical as well as practical reasoning for it. However, in the greater realm of Chi Kung, there is a rich and diverse variety of breathing techniques and wisdom.

For some people, breathing had become so synonymous with Chi Kung that they identify Chi Kung as purely breathing exercises. And some people in the West call this ‘neigong’. (Of course, things are never that simple.)

For this summer, our workshop theme will be breathing techniques. You will learn about various techniques, the role breathing plays (particularly in regard to your wellbeing) and how it can support your Chi Kung practice, your meditation and your other activities.

There will be two one-day workshops to choose from:-

• 23rd June 2019; and

• 18th August 2019.

Friends and family are welcome to apply also. Price on application - just send us an email.


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