Master Lam has helped countless people with various health conditions. He is best known for helping people suffering from musculoskeletal and energy-related problems. The following conditions are some of the many in which he specialises. If you wish to inquire about treatments for other conditions, please do contact us.

  • Chronic back pain
    Do you suffer from back pain or sciatica?  Do you have bad days when you are unable to move without pain?  Or do you have a low level of discomfort, in your lower back or down your leg, that you worry about?

    It is one of the most common reasons why people visit the doctors.  The pain can be either acute or chronic.  Because the spine is a complex interconnecting network of nerves, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, the possible cause of the problem is wide-ranging.  The pain can be caused by something as simple as a muscle strain to a slipped disc or to something even more serious.  As large networks of nerves connect the spine and extremities, the pain can radiate out towards other parts of the body such as the arms, hands and legs.  The patient may also experience weakness, numbness or a tingling sensation. 
  • Whiplash
    This is a problem usually caused by an injury at the area of the neck. Whiplash is usually incurred while traveling on vehicles such as a sudden break in the car, motorcycle and rides at amusement parks. Symptoms are pain in the neck and upper back.  The pain also radiates to the shoulders and the arms.

    There may also be sensational symptoms such as pins and needles.   There are also other neck pains with more subtle causes such as leaning over the desk too much at work.
  • Sciatica
    A relatively common case of low back pain and leg pain, sciatica is a set of symptoms sometimes related to the general compression and/or irritation associated with the sciatic nerve.  Often the symptoms are felt at only one side of the body.
  • Joint dislocation
    A misalignment of bones in the joint.  It often occurs at the arms, such as fingers and shoulders, or the legs.  A partial dislocation is known as subluxation.  People experiencing a joint dislocation should seek treatment as soon as possible rather than prolong the dislocation.
  • Accident or sports injury
    Are you going through the after-effects of an injury?  It could be a sports injury or the aftermath of a fall or a car accident?  You’ve been through all the treatment you need, but still there is a lingering pain, weakness or a feeling that “it’s not quite right”?

    A wide range of injuries commonly occur in the sports community. Often, the injuries are caused from an overuse of a certain part of the body.  Examples of sport injuries include runner’s knee and tennis elbow.  Because the patient is repeatedly exposed to the same injury at the same part of the body, sport injuries can become quite problematic in the long-term.

    Obviously, such injuries do not only occur in sports.  Repetitive physical routines, social events (like dancing) and chores, done incorrectly, would also cause injuries in a more subtle manner.
  • Neck and shoulder pain
    Are you having pains or stiffness in your neck, your shoulders or upper body?  These are often signs of high levels of stress.  They may also be caused by old injuries or blockages in our nervous system.
  • Hip, knee or ankle pain
    Do you have pains in your hips, knees or ankles?  These pains can have many causes.  They might be invisible, like some misalignment elsewhere in the body (where you have no pain and have not been X-rayed).
  • Low energy
    Do you feel tired – often exhausted?  Are you lacking in energy?  Do rou feel listless?  We all feel the effects of the hectic and energy-draining environments we live in, work in and travel in.  Low energy may also be a sign of an underlying deficiency in the body’s health.

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