Master Lam hashelped countless people of various conditions.  But he is more specialised in musculoskeletal and energy-related problems.


Over the years, many people – patients, students and users of his books – have experienced the benefits of Master Lam’s treatments, healing and teaching. From among the many testimonies he has received, here is a representative sampling.

“I personally experienced that practicing from Master Lam's Books for only 60 days opened the door for effective enough Chi healing to get a man who was in a wheelchair walking.   Wow...”

Scott Reimers
Reno Nevada

“Through having played rugby for many years competitively, I carried a few ‘structural’ injuries - to my shoulder joint (an acromio-clavicular sublixation), my neck was contracted slightly, and my knee joints clicked very loudly when bent. I have noticed over the years that both my shoulder joints have become almost completely restructured (I now do not have a gap between my acromium and my clavicle for example), my knee joints now are ‘resited’ and have generated synovial fluid again and so now do not click even when in low stances.”

Nick Woodward

“I started to have seizures which at first were mistakenly diagnosed as panic attacks. It was only when I had a serious epileptic fit while on the way to work that I was diagnosed with a serious neurological illness. I was off work for 4 months, during which time Master Lam gave me some special exercises to do. I was very weak. His exercises were the only thing I could do, and it was a great boost to my recovery to know that I could do something to help myself. I was then able slowly to return to work. The Consultant Neurologist told me that I had been very seriously ill with a rare auto-immune condition, and that most other sufferers ended up with serious disability. He had never known any other patient recover as quickly, and as completely as I had.”

Howard Richmond

“One physical problem Master Lam helped me with was when I got 'tennis elbow' while playing badmington. I couldn't grasp anything and putting on a coat was very painful for my arm. By using Chi Kung postures, I quickly reduced the painful movement and was back playing badmington within 3 weeks. After a couple of month I suddenly realised there were no effects left and my game had improved.”

Tim Marshall

“While on holiday in France in August I met a man in his late 50's who told me that for the past 15 years he had been practicing on the basis of reading 'The Way of Healing'. He told me that 15 years ago he had suffered a stroke that had paralysed him from the waist down. He found it impossible to even sit but with support of two people he could stand up. It was then that he received from his sister Sifu's book and he deligently started to practice along with a change in his diet. After six months it seems he was was free of the paralysis and the doctors could not understand what had happened. That's why he continues to practice. So thanks for sharing this great art” 

William Walker

“I was living South of San Francisco in the Silicon Valley. One sunny morning, I decided to take my Harley on a ride across the hills to the Pacific Ocean. That day in January 1993 changed my life. On a patch of black ice, my motorcycle crashed and my right knee did the same.

“By a stroke of luck, I had seen Master Lam's book “The way of energy” a few days before the accident happened. That was the starting point of my new life. My knee was hurt so badly, I couldn't sit or walk – but soon, I realized that the Way of Energy healing process made faster and faster progress and on my first trip back to Europe, I visited Master Lam for my first private Zhan Zhuang lesson. Shortly after, my right knee recovered completely, the pain was gone. And after a while, I entirely forgot that I ever had a problem with this delicate joint.” 

Thomas Apfel

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