If you could not attend the public classes for any reason, then private tuition is the right thing for you.


Private Tuition

Master Lam does give one-to-one private tuition for Tai Chi, Chi Kung and other arts. This is for the convenience of those who could not attend the public classes for whatever reasons. It is also a great opportunity to learn from a renowned master in ways you cannot in public classes.

Many of his students from across the world come to him for intensive private tuitions at regular intervals in order to learn the arts. This is the solution we offer for those who live too far away for the regular classes but wanted to learn from Master Lam.

Just give us a phone call or email us and we will arrange a mutually convenient time.


Online Tuition

We are delighted to announce that our Association is now launching its online tuition service!

This will give greater convenience to people from afar who could not travel to London or people who could not travel for whatever reasons.

All you need is your smartphone/tablet/computer (with camera function) and the privacy of a room.

Please browse our FAQ page for further details.

To book a lesson, just email us at the address below. 

If you any any questions, why not see our FAQ page first?

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