Energy flows within us.  Energy flows all around us.  To improve our inner energy, we look after our health.  To utilise our surrounding energy, we apply Feng Shui.



The Chinese art of arranging one’s life in accordance with the forces of the universe stretches back over at least 5,000 years and probably far longer. It is a profoundly creative and intuitive art. But it is also a science, with diagnostic equipment, mathematical formulae, and specialised terminology. The art is rooted in an extraordinary sensitivity to nature. This affinity with the natural world is reflected in the two Chinese characters that make up its name: Feng Shui. The literal meaning is Wind and Water. The pronunciation is: “Fung Shoy”. 

In Chinese beliefs, the course of our lives is governed by the following five aspects in descending order of significance: Life, Fortune, Feng Shui, Deed and Study. Here, the importance of Feng Shui is clearly illustrated. The first two items on the list are external and predetermined. They are of a universal design that can only be predicted and foretold but not altered. They fall within the province of the divine. Of the remaining elements, which are all within our own grasp and power to control, Feng Shui thus stands supreme.

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