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A healthy body nourishes a healthy mind.  And a healthy mind reinforces a healthy body.



Meditation is now so popular in the media that we need no further introduction here.  However, for most meditation taught out there, they are of Indo-tradition.  Whether it is yoga, zen or mindfulness, they are all traceable to the same root.

For our Association, we offer a very different meditation.  We offer Chinese meditation which is of Taoist roots.  Keys features about our class includes the following:

• It is a secular, natural meditation – not faith-based.
• Unlike some traditions, there is no need for strenuous sitting postures.
• You will also be introduced to Chinese philosophical concepts (in simple, light-hearted manners).

Even if you have studied meditation from other traditions, you will still find much to learn and to experience.  This discipline is of great use for a diversity of purposes. Whether you want to relieve your stress, fortify your mental faculty, strengthen your healing power or explore your spiritual capacity, this class is just right for you.

If you any any question, why not see our FAQ page first?

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